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Might as well try

February 7, 2011

Hello and welcome to my blog!! First, thanks for stopping by! I’ve kept a private blog for friends and family before but this is my first attempt at blogging publicly. I’m hoping that keeping a public blog will motivate me to post more often so that I can share my experiences in Mexico with more people and also have something to look back on after my year here is over.

Since much of the US seems ridiculously cold right now (and I’m secretly jealous of all the adorable winter outfits other bloggers are posting right now) I thought I’d gloat in the fact that it’s WARM here in Mexico City in the afternoons.

These pictures are from Parque Chapultepec in Mexico, one of my favorite places in the city. According to Wikipedia, Chapultepec Park is the biggest park in all of Latin America at 686 hectares (1,695.14 acres). It’s hard to believe it’s bigger than Central Park, but there are entire new sections I’ve been discovering on my past visits, which makes me exciting to keep going.

I definitely got a lot of funny looks while posing on this stump but I just loved the look of the light shining through the trees so I just had to. I originally wanted to try out the sandal-sock combo that I find so adorable, but couldn’t find any of my long socks and well, it was plenty warm just like this! Strange, strange weather… I’ll take hot over freezing any day though!


I k now some people think moss covered water is gross, but I happen to find it absolutely beautiful! I also got lots of funny looks taking this picture also. Maybe it wasn’t just me standing in front of a moss-covered creek but also being a güera (pronounced “wear-a,” any light-ish skinned person) wearing an traditional indigenous shirt…


shirt: Both shirt base & embroidered top part are hand sewn in Oaxaca, Mexico                                      (see my shop for details)

shorts: Secondhand lucky jeans unexpectedly cut off by friend’s little sister

wedges: Zara winter sales

purse: thrifted Borgo Giovanni

jacket: secondhand H&M

bracelet: hand beaded, Zacatecas, Mexico (currently not selling but if you’re interested please email me and I can look for similar ones. There are so many different colors and patterns of these beaded bracelets; I’m hoping to get some of my favorites up soon)


No better way to enjoy a beautiful day than bike around the park! Speaking of which, better get out and enjoy my day off for a few hours before it gets dark! Happy Día de la Constitución!

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